The Repair Industry Is Our Space

Were in the business of serving you. That means we understand your industry. As a cell phone repair store, eCommerce retailer, or brick and mortar store, you want to work with someone that understands your needs. Let’s see if we got it right. You want access to a wide range of quality and reliable merchandise within 24-48 hours. Did we miss something?

You Deserve The Best

Your business needs to stand out above the competition. That means supplying the most dependable parts at the best possible price. We get it. That’s why we built GoKrazyWireless around your needs. Between our vast Calgary warehouse and extensive supply chain network, the possibilities are endless.

Standardized Quality

Every industry needs a standardized measure of quality. When it comes to bulk shipments, we believe in upholding a 99.999% quality. If any parts are not up to your standards, we’ll replace them in a hurry and totally FREE. These are the core values we use to push the industry forward every day.

Overnight Shipping to Alberta 

Working with a tight deadline? Need something at the last minute? Don’t worry, that’s what we do best. We’ll help you meet your deadlines every time. Don’t leave customers waiting in the wind. We’re giving you peace of mind that your business will always flow as smooth as running water.

Experience True Efficiency in the field of Repair Industry

We started from humble beginnings with just a single store in Edmonton, and a few small shipments from our partner manufacturers. Slowly but surely, and after years of dedicated customer service, we’ve grown into one of the most reliable wholesale cell phone parts suppliers in Alberta.


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Hilal Jalal
CEO / Founder

Residing in Edmonton, AB. Hilal is a veteran businessman, he has vast experience and success in the many businesses he founded over the years in several countries not limited to Canda, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, and Egypt. He is now totally focused on Gokrazywireless.