What do you need to repair your iPhone 6 screen by yourself?

repair your iPhone 6 screen by yourself

Changing the Screen

Before starting to change the iPhone 6 screen, there are some tools you need in order to do it. You can buy each tool separately or buy a kit that includes all the tools. There are a lot of online pages that offer repair kits for the iPhone 6 at an accessible price.

However, if you feel more comfortable buying each tool, you can also do it because maybe you already have one of them in your house, and there is no reason to buy a kit that includes tools that you already have.

To make a cheap iPhone 6 repair, first you are going to need the P2 Pentalobe screwdriver for iPhone. It is essential to replace your iPhone 6 screen because almost all the devices for Apple have unique Pentalobe screws. For this reason, without this screwdriver is impossible to remove the damaged screen.

Another tool you are going to need is a suction cup. It is going to help you so remove the damaged screen without a problem and cause any damage to another piece in your iPhone 6. Besides, you are going to need a tool to separate the screen for the rest of the phone. Also, you need a slotted screwdriver, a spudger, a hairdryer, and tape.

Steps to replace your iPhone 6 screen

Changing your damaged iPhone 6 screen is not as complicated as you might think, but you have to be careful and follow a series of steps to have success. In the first step, you have to remove the Pentalobe screws which are between the lightning connector. To do it, you need the P2 Pentalobe screwdriver.

For the second step, if there are some broken pieces of glass, to protect yourself and guarantee the next step put a piece of tape on the screen. In the third step, use the suction cup to hold the screen while you use a separator to release the clips that hold the screen to the rest of the cellphone.

The fourth step, remove the suction cup and raise the screen from the start bottom, and put it at a 90 degrees angle. In the fifth step, you are going to remove the screws of the battery connector and disconnect it, then remove the screws of the cable of the front panel and use the sludger to disconnect the front camera connector, sensor cable, the start bottom cable, display data cable connector, digitizer cable connector, and finally separated the damaged screen.

Finally, the sixth step is to remove the screws of the start bottom, use the spudger to disconnect the start bottom cable connector, and push out the start bottom carefully. In this way, you will have already removed the damaged screen, and you are going to be ready to replace it with the new one.

The only thing you have to do is follow the steps in reverse. As you can see, if you follow all the steps and do it with calm and care, you are going to be able to replace your iPhone 6 screen successfully. At the end of the day, you are going to save a lot of money and be proud to do it by yourself.

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