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What is an iPhone 6 digitizer, and what can happen if it is broken?

The technology has evolved in such a fast manner that we usually do not have any idea about all the components a cellphone specifically needs to work nowadays. Besides, Apple is one of the most popular brands because it is characterized for always being a step forward from the other brands in the market. For […]

Is it possible to remove the scratches on the glass of your iPhone 6? Some myths about it.

It does not matter how much resistant your phone might be because eventually, with the pass of the time and the use, it is going to present some scratches. Of course, thinking about the possible scratches most users use screen protectors and special cases. But, it is impossible to entirely protect our cellphones all the […]

What is the difference between the cost of the original iPhone screen and the imitation iPhone screen?

Nowadays, there are several brands of cellphones in the market, and the quality among them is different too. One of the most famous of these brands is Apple which has been offering to all its users the best smartphone technology. But, even the best phones can suffer the carelessness of the users. In this way, […]

What can you do when your iPhone 6 screen breaks down and how to avoid it?

Apple has developed the technology of their cellphones year after year to offer its clients the best quality of all. However, despite all their effort and innovations to give us almost indestructible cellphones, it keeps being far from reality. After all, we keep seeing people that going to Apple support or to another company to […]