What is the average Apple iPhone 6 screen repair cost?

average Apple iPhone 6 screen repair cost

Before talking about budgets and costs, it is important to state that the Apple iPhone 6 screen is very interesting because it counts with a 1334x 750 resolution. But, that’s not all because with the iPhone 6 screen you have 4,7 inches and 1400:1 contrast. In this way, you can watch it wherever you want it, and the iPhone screen is not going to disappoint you.

Currently, there are several cellphone brands, but one of the most popular for its quality is Apple. Besides, according to statistics among the iPhone models, one of the most bought around the world is precisely the iPhone 6.

But, despite the high quality in this cellphone’s structure and materials, it does not avoid the risk that the cellphone may suffer any accidents. Nowadays, people have an agitated lifestyle, one that can cause our cellphones to suffer heavy falls when constantly moving from one place to another. And when we finally pick up our cellphone from the floor we only expect that it is safe and that miraculously nothing had happened to it.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not the case and the screen may be broken. Every so often the damage is not too big, but on other occasions, the screen does not work at all. This is the moment when you start desperately looking for the Apple iPhone 6 screen repair cost in different online places to have an idea about the average budget you need.

Since we are talking about a screen with great characteristics, this is one of the main reasons to try to replace the screen instead of buying a new iPhone. However, it is important to consider the screen replacement cost against the cost to buy another phone.

Besides, when we talk about an average budget for the Apple iPhone 6 screen replacement, we do not only refer to the screen price, because there are other costs you have to consider like the shipping cost or the cost of the specialized technician.

Also, there is the possibility of replacing the screen by yourself, but there is a big risk in doing it in this way because if you do not know how to disassemble the screen, you might ruin your cellphone.

Now, the only way to get the best iPhone 6 screen repair is to find the best provider and technician. But, it is not only about buying the cheapest screen because you can be the victim of a fraud or get something different from what you were expecting at the time of receiving the screen.

For this reason, it is important to consider some aspects to get an original screen and avoid getting bad experiences and lose your money.

The iPhone 6 screen price can vary according to the location.

If you thought that the iPhone 6 screen price was the same in every place in the world, we have to tell you that it does not work in this way because the prices for an Apple iPhone 6 screen replacement can change according to the country.

When you visit the Apple support page, you can notice that there are different prices for the iPhone 6 screen according to the country you are asking for. For example, the cost for the United States is $ 129, but for Australia is A$ 219 which is $ 168,46. This way you can notice that the cost for the same iPhone 6 screen from Apple support has different costs according to the country.

For this reason, it is important to consider which the best option for you because if you buy the screen replacement in another country, you have to pay for the shipment. It could equalize the price, but the Apple Store is not the only available online store where you can buy the screen for your iPhone 6.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful because some pages offer some products like the Apple iPhone 6 screen, but when you receive the package, it is not the thing you were expecting. Besides, most of these online stores do not give you a guarantee in case the screen does not bring you in perfect conditions.

This is why it is essential to find a good provider because it can make the difference between recovering your iPhone 6 or needing to buy another one. Besides, there is another thing you have to consider to recover the functionality of your screen.

Is there a difference among the companies that may replace your iPhone 6 screen?

Even though you probably think that the amount of money needed to repair your iPhone 6 screen resulted only from buying the screen, it is not true at all. It is why despite you can find an iPhone 6 screen for a good price, you also have to find an expert capable of replacing it successfully.

In this case, the price of the replacement is going to vary according to which method or company you use. In case you choose Apple support, the iPhone 6 screen repair price can be 129 $.

But, if you choose a particular company that you can find online, it could cost you around 70 or 80 $ approximately. Nevertheless, you also have the option of doing it yourself if you consider that you have a basic notion about it. In this case, the cost of the replacement can vary between 15 $ to even 140 $ according to the repair kit you choose.

There are many options in the market, but you have to choose wisely because replacing the screen by yourself can cost you significantly less; you can damage your phone if you do not do it right. But, it does not mean that hiring a particular company to do it could be a better idea because if they are not expert enough, your phone can be damaged too. The key is to choose the best product and service that adjust to your budget.

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