What can you do when your iPhone 6 screen breaks down and how to avoid it?

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Apple has developed the technology of their cellphones year after year to offer its clients the best quality of all. However, despite all their effort and innovations to give us almost indestructible cellphones, it keeps being far from reality. After all, we keep seeing people that going to Apple support or to another company to repair their cracked iPhone 6.

In some way, it is a little bit harder for some people than others because some of has a little bit of predisposition to let our cellphones fall. During these accidents, we can end with a cracked iPhone 6 screen but sometimes it is not as bad as we think.

We have to know that the screen of the iPhone 6 has more than a simple glass. For this reason, the damage can involve the whole screen affecting the digitizer, the front glass, and even the start bottom. According to the level of the damage, the cracked iPhone 6 screen repair can result in more expensive or not.

For this reason, it is essential to make a good diagnose of the damage. This way, you are going to be able to do it by yourself or even apply a temporal solution while you find the new iPhone 6 screen or the damaged elements. There are some techniques you can apply immediately after your iPhone 6 fall and the screen gets broken to avoid the worst damage.

What is the first thing you should do after your iPhone 6 screen cracks?

An accident with your phone is something that can happen to everyone, and you do not have to feel bad about it. Once you pick it up from the floor and see the cracked screen keep stay calm and do not worry.

The key to a successful cracked iPhone 6 screen repair is to determine, as we said before, how damaged the screen is. It means that we should check if the screen just has a little crack and works without any problem or if your screen is actually so cracked that it does not work at all. In this way, put your iPhone 6 on a safe surface and watch it from different angles to determine how much cracked it is.

On most occasions, the damage is very big, but the pieces of the broken screen do not move in their place and let you use your cellphone like you usually do. Of course, you could probably have some difficulties at the time of watching content on your cellphone like images, videos, and even messages.

Besides, you have to be careful because if there are some deep cracks at the time to move your fingers over the screen, you could cut your fingers or a piece of glass can get in them. If afterward the fall your screen keeps working, you should not lose your time and take precautions. After you finish checking if your screen is still working, try to save all your information on your laptop or on a memory drive.

In this way, in case the screen has not been the only element affected by the fall, you are going to have all your information in a safe place. However, it is also possible that your phone has serious damages and it does not work at all. If this is the case, you should take your iPhone 6 with an expert in cracked iPhone 6.

What should you do after your iPhone 6 screen is entirely broken?

After you are done with all the recommendations above, there are some methods you can use to protect your iPhone 6 from other damages while you hire a repair service.

An easy and quick alternative you can use to solve the problem with your screen and avoid that with the use of the cellphone pieces of the screen start to fall is to put tape on it meanwhile. You should see the size of the screen and cut the tape in some way that is like a screen protector. This way, you can avoid cuts and use your cellphone while you have time and money to take it and get a cracked iPhone 6 screen repair service.

In the same way, instead of using tape, you can also use a screen protector to avoid the work to cut the tape. However, if you feel enough trust in your abilities, you can try to replace the screen of your iPhone 6 by yourself. But, try to check all the terms of your guarantee just in case this can cover the damage.

How can you protect your little bit more your iPhone 6 screen from accidents?

Probably you could think there is nothing that can save your iPhone 6 screen from a big fall. However, there are some devices and accessories you can get and use to give your iPhone some extra protection. Of course, it does not mean that the screen is going to become indestructible from there on, but it can save minimize damages produced by accidents.

There are some glass screen protectors which are specially designed to receive the impacts of falls and protect your iPhone 6 screen from getting cracked. The glass screen protector is going to break while your screen stays intact. However, you have to be careful because once the glass screen protector has cracked, you have to remove it. After all, the fragments of the protector can break your screen with the pass of time.

Besides, if you know that you are a person who constantly lets your cellphone fall without notice, you can also buy a cellphone band holder. With the band holder, you only have to pass it through your wrist and adjust it. In this way, it does not matter how many times your iPhone 6 falls from your hands because the band holder is going to keep it safe and free of crashes.

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