Is it possible to remove the scratches on the glass of your iPhone 6? Some myths about it.

iphone 6 scratches

It does not matter how much resistant your phone might be because eventually, with the pass of the time and the use, it is going to present some scratches. Of course, thinking about the possible scratches most users use screen protectors and special cases. But, it is impossible to entirely protect our cellphones all the time.

We usually make the mistake of putting our cellphones with other things in our purses or our pockets. By doing this, our house or car’s keys, or even the coins can cause scratches to our cellphones. But over time, there is a point when the scratches are too annoying and do not let you see the screen of our iPhone 6 in peace, so you have to get some help to fix your iPhone screen.

However, there are occasions when the screen is fine because it does not receive a big fall and it is not cracked. In these cases, you can look for a glass replacement for iPhone 6. In this way, you are going to count with an entirely new glass, and your screen is going to look brand new.

The only inconvenience you may have when trying to hire a glass replacement service at the time to find an expert technician able to make the replacement. It is necessary because the iPhone 6 screen is connected to several components like the battery, digitizer, start bottom and others which complete the total functioning of the screen.

For this reason, it can be simpler to change the whole screen than just the glass. However, if you do not have enough money to replace the whole screen, you can with an expert Apple support service to change just the glass of your iPhone 6.

But, probably you have listened or watched in the social media and different blogs that it is possible to remove the scratches on the glass for iPhone 6 without removing it. These DIY methods use different elements you can find in your house without any problem.

However, these DIY methods to remove the scratches do not guarantee fixing your iPhone screen. You have to know that all these techniques and methods are created for people trying to remove the scratches without spending a lot of money.

But, if the glass of your iPhone 6 is entirely broken, the most recommendable thing to do is to look for an establishment that offers glass replacement for iPhone 6 and a company that can help you with the replacement. You can take your iPhone 6 with Apple support, with a third company, or even do it yourself at home.

Just remember that only replace the glass is more complicated than replacing the whole screen, and the best idea is to take the job to the professionals. Besides, some of the elements of these DIY methods to remove the scratches are liquid, and if your glass for iPhone 6 has several cracks and scratches, the liquid can get on the screen and cause more damage.

If it can protect your tooth, maybe it can protect your screen too.

The first method and one of the most popular on the internet to fix your iPhone screen is to use toothpaste. According to the online myth, you only need to put a little bit of toothpaste on the screen of your iPhone 6 and make circular moves with cotton or a soft piece of fabric.

Once the toothpaste is already extended all over the surface of the screen iPhone 6 screen, it must be left to sit for a few minutes. Then the excess toothpaste is removed with a piece of clean cotton or a soft fabric. After this, the myth says that the scratches should disappear. But, this is a method that for sure does not work with big scratches or deep cracks. Besides, it can have different effects according to the color of your iPhone 6, so it is not safe.

Baking soda has more uses than just in a bakery.

Probably you have heard about the baking soda in a chocolate chip cookies recipe, but you probably do not know that it can be useful to remove the scratches of the glass on your iPhone 6.

Using baking soda to remove the scratches on the glass of your iPhone looks very easy. You only have to make a mix with one part of water and two parts of baking soda. And then try to mix these elements until you get a homogeny paste.

Once you already have the past of baking soda, people use a soft piece of fabric or cotton in the same way you use it with toothpaste. With circular moves, the screen gets covered with the paste of baking soda so this can get in all the scratches. Then the excess of the baking soda mix is carefully removed with dry cotton or soft fabric.

Making the mix has many risks because if you add too much water to the mix and the cracks or the scratches are too deep, the water can get on the screen and cause huge damage. By doing this procedure you can damage more than the screen.

If I use car scratches removal cream in my car, can I use it for my cellphone?

Some people think that the car scratches removal cream work in the same way on phones. There are many brands in the market that you can use like 3M or Turtle Wax. You only have to apply enough car scratches removal cream all over the glass to cover the scratches, and then pull the screen until most of the scratches disappear.

As you can see, those methods can be insecure and cause bigger damage than your phone already has. For this reason, the best recommendation is to avoid these DIY methods and go with an expert that is able to replace your screen in a safe way and without any problem and risks.

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