What is an iPhone 6 digitizer, and what can happen if it is broken?

iPhone 6 digitizer

The technology has evolved in such a fast manner that we usually do not have any idea about all the components a cellphone specifically needs to work nowadays. Besides, Apple is one of the most popular brands because it is characterized for always being a step forward from the other brands in the market.

For this reason, it is common that people hear things like iPhone 6 digitizer and do not know what it means or even might think that it is an accessory from the Apple store. However, most of us still do not know what a digitizer is.

It is why if someone is actually familiarized with the term is because their iPhone 6 suffers some accident like a fall. And when they take their cellphones to any support service, they say it is necessary to find an iPhone 6 digitizer replacement and change it.

For this reason, it is essential to know more about all the elemental parts of your iPhone 6 because, in this way, you are not going to change the entire iPhone 6 screen when the only thing that you needed is to look for a digitizer replacement.

Based on this, we are going to give you a little introduction about the iPhone 6 digitizer and how it works so you can be able to change it in case your iPhone screen is failing. You must remember that the most important thing when you have a problem with your iPhone is to have enough knowledge to know how serious the damage can be and what you can do.

What is a digitizer, and how it works?

The first thing we need to know about the digitizer before try to look for an iPhone 6 digitizer replacement is to know exactly what is its function, in order to truly determine if it is what is failing in our screen.

Several years ago technology needed to take a step forward because all the equipment of the decade was limited by the fact that all the functions had an old system of mechanical keys. For this reason, touch technology was born, and so the tactile screen. However, you are probably wondering what does that has to do with the digitizer?

You have to know that touch technology is made of different kinds of components, but one component that cannot be out of this is the digitizer because it is an essential part of this kind of technology.

A tactile screen lets the users navigate through all the functions of the cellphones. However, it is possible thanks to the digitizers which is no other thing than the touchscreen. You probably know it better for this name because almost all the actual brands say that their devices count with touchscreen technology.

The digitizer or touchscreen is a very thin layer that can be made of plastic or glass which is designed to transfer the touches of the users to the LCD screen. It means the digitizer receives the tactile information so it can pass it to the unity that processes that information.

What is the difference between the digitizer and the LCD?

Commonly when a support service guy tells us we need a digitizer replacement we think that it is the same as an LCD screen. However, they are not the same thing at all because the digitizer is the glass that is under the one you can touch with your finger. But, the LCD, which means liquid-crystal display, is deep inside of the cellphone under the digitizer, and it has a capacitive or resistive functioning.

But, this technology causes problems to Apple’s models from the iPhone 4s to newer models. The problem is that the digitizer was added to the front glass and when for some reason the phone falls and the glass breaks down, the digitizer breaks as well. In this way, the screen loses its functioning, and the users are forced to look for a digitizer replacement.

However, in from of this problem Apple changed the technology from the iPhone 6 to the next model for the comfort of the users. They reconstructed the design of the screen in some way that the digitizer is linked to the LED screen. Besides, to protect the touchscreen technology even more and avoid people the necessity to look, for an iPhone 6 digitizer replacement, for example, they put several glass layers which avoids the digitizer being the first element affected.

What can happen if your iPhone 6 digitizer breaks down?

Despite the constant intents of the Apple company to make the digitizer stronger and protect it, it is not exempt from damages because after all the digitizer is made of glass, and glass can break.

If for any kind of accident like a fall or a hit by an object in your pocket the screen breaks down, it can affect the behavior of the digitizer and therefore the behavior of the screen.

For this reason, when the digitizer breaks down, it stops being able to transfer the information to the LCD or LED screen. So, when you try to touch some icon or the menu, it can happen two things according to the grade of damage to the digitizer. First, when you touch the screen, the digitizer can transfer wrongly the information and if you touched the camera icon, it is going to open the messages app.

Second, if the digitizer is damaged, it does not matter how many times you touch the screen it is not going to work. It happens because the LCD or LED screen cannot receive external information.

In conclusion, the digitizer is essential to the functioning of the touchscreen technology because it lets the cellphones translate the information from an analogic format to a digital one. Most tactile technology uses it, and it is essential to the proper functioning of your iPhone. In this way, if you are having trouble with your iPhone screen, you should look for an expert to replace your iPhone 6 digitizer.

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